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Matzah Ball Soup

You can use your favorite recipe for chicken soup as a base, but here is mine--it is a loosey goosey affair, and you really can't screw it up unless you are stingy w/ the ingredients:

Chicken soup, easy and yummy, and freezes and doubles beautifully:

Chicken (use both white and dark meat)
Carrots, peeled and trimmed
Celery, trimmed
Onions, peeled and trimmed
Salt and Pepper
fresh Dill and fresh Parsely
Can of stewed tomatoes, whole or sliced, drained (large one)

Rinse chicken and put in a large pot (i think mine is 8 quart?). Add COLD water until chicken is covered by about an inch (maybe more if you are using pieces). Add carrots, celery, onions, salt, pepper, dill, and parsley. Bring water to a full boil and skim off all the gross scum that rises to the top. Add tomatoes, reduce heat, and cover the pot, leaving the lid cracked (i don't know why you have to leave the lid cracked, but you do). Simmer for an hour or two. The soup is done at this point, and you can add noodles or rice or matzah balls or dumplings or whatever, cooked separately, or you can cook them in the soup. When you count the boiled chicken you have in there, this then makes a full meal.

And now for the matzah balls. This is a "secret" recipe, given to me by a very famous rebbitzen (rabbi's wife), really and truly, and she uses it herself. You'll laugh. Oh, and matzah balls don't freeze well at all.

1 box Manischewitz Matzah ball and soup mix (sold in the kosher section of your supermarket year round) Prepare soup mix using at least 1.5 times the water recommended on the package (the soup mix is too salty otherwise--taste it and add water til it isn't too salty for you).

Prepare matzah balls by following directions on the package, cooking them in the soup mix. You can actually cook them in water or your own soup or whatever, but the matzah balls pick up the flavor of whatever you cook them in, so if water, they will be very bland. The packaged soup mix makes them nicely flavorful, but too salty if you don't water it down.

from the kitchen of Holly