Welcome to our kitchen!

Hoping to try something new? Stuck needing a quick dinner fix? This is the place for you! Pull up a chair and browse awhile. Feel free to take out pen and paper (or printer) when you find just the right recipe for dinner tonight.

Who are we?

We are moms. Working moms. Stay-at-home moms. Moms who like to cook.

For over a year we have been swapping recipes and providing feedback to each other about what we have fixed. We've collected so many recipes, we decided we needed a web site to keep them organized and more easily accessile to all of us.

Thank you to the ladies who have contributed to this site in one way or another. Because of you this recipe exchange has been successful.

Oh, and please...

Many of our recipes have passed thru so many hands before reaching this site, we do not know where they originated. If you know, please contact us so that we can credit the right person. Thank you!